Friday, June 22, 2012


We had a pretty uneventful Litha, but then, we won't actually have our rites until tomorrow, so it doesn't feel like it's here yet. I'm gotten so used to marking the turning of the wheel with an actual ritual, that it never feels right until we have, even if we're late getting to it. Dawn & I did a little running around, to try to get her A/C on her car fixed and stuff like that, then we sat in the yard while Troy worked on both cars & visited. That was pretty much it.

Yesterday, we did a few other things, none of which were Litha related as much as they were craft & Independence Day stuff. Today, we're heading to a music festival for the afternoon to look at craft booths & listen to good music. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, Troy & I have to pick up our Co-op basket and then come back & put all of it away. I'll spend the morning getting the ritual space ready & maybe going to the store.

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