Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Another Sunday

Growing up, I absolutely hated Sundays. It was the worst day of the week. Not only did I have to get up early, get dressed and go to church (twice!), it was the last day of the weekend and I had to go school the next morning. There was nothing to do, because I had to stay clean & close to home so we could make it for the evening service, and spending my early years in Utah, none of the other kids could play on Sunday anyway.

As I got older, it was a fashion show & I got enough of "Betsy" in the cutest clothes around while I was in school, I didn't need to compete at church, too.

So, to break the monotony of Sundays, we started having our friends over in the evening for dinner, TV and games every week. We all grew up in situations where Sunday wasn't much fun, so now everyone actually looks forward to it and we all have a great time together. It feels a bit liberating, to take back a day of the week & claim it as our own, you know?

Getting it Done

I finally got the first aid kit for the trailer put together & actually put in the trailer today. I've been in the process for a few months, and just decided I was getting it done today, so that we have it for this coming trip. I think it's a pretty good one, especially for it being just something we put together on out own.

I was digging through our cabinet that we keep junk in, looking to see if I could find anything that we needed in it and came across a few old pool filters, that we had years ago, I mean at least 12 years we've been moving those around. Isn't that crazy? I did find the hydrogen peroxide & an unopened bottle of potassium, so the search wasn't in vain & at least I have something to laugh about now!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Stupid people aggravate me - well ignorant people I guess, since you can fix ignorant. The rules for Freecycle are pretty clear, the most basic one is in the name, which means things must be offered as free. I was reading through the ads a few minutes ago & someone said they had amplifiers for sale, right there, in the subject line. I clicked on it, to see if maybe they had just mistyped or something, but, no, they were definitely selling them. I'm shocked that the email made it through the moderators, and honestly wonder if it was intentional. I'm not fond of anyone playing favorites, but I especially hate it when it violates the rules everyone else has to follow. There are places to sell your things, and they don't cost to post them, so why not use one of those?

I'm pretty sure that most of the people on Freecycle, at least here, in my small town, have no idea what those amplifiers are even for in the first place, I don't picture the majority of them as being musicians, you know? The seller would stand a better chance of selling them to someone who's actually looking for something like that on another site, and they wouldn't be breaking the rules, either.

Yeah, I know. I'm nitpicking. I'm tired and in pain, what can I say?


I can't believe how excited I'm getting for our upcoming camping trip. This is the first one we've been on with Erin for many years, and I think he's just as excited as we are. The trailer is almost ready, the food is planned & ready to go. I'm getting my laundry done, so I can pack my clothes. I just need to bake some zucchini bread, make some Baja sauce & finish loading and we'll be ready to go.

We once took our daughter & her boyfriend at the time with us. He was a total jerk the entire time we were gone, threatened to kill our baby granddaughter to "shut her up" and wandered around acting like he was an ancient vampire who was indestructible & could fly. It might have been better if he had been in full hip hop clothing, trying to hike around, at least we'd have been amused more than we were aggravated.

There have been a lot of trips over the years, some were great, some sucked and some were just okay. I'm hoping for anything but this one sucking, honestly. I just want to have a good time.

Friday, July 6, 2012

6 Months?

Our son has been home for 6 months, as of the 4th. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but at the same time, it feels much longer because so many things in his life have changed. He also got 6 months clean & sober that day, for which we're so thankful and proud. I think he's close to a year sober, I know he stopped drinking sometime last year in July. He doesn't keep track of that anymore, since he restarted when he gave everything up in January, but I do.

We're pretty sure that we'll be letting our daughter come back home when she gets out of jail, or out of rehab (whichever comes first). She seems to be doing really well, going to AA while she's in and working some steps. She actually seems to see where she went wrong this time, so we'll see how it all pans out when it gets closer to that time. We won't put up with her using drugs or drinking, so if she slips up, she'll be leaving again. We've all agreed to that and are putting the rules together that she'll have to agree to before we let her in. It makes us all a little nervous, but we feel like we need to step in at least try to help her. So, I guess wish us luck in the coming months, we're likely to need it.