Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Done for Awhile

The judge sentenced my daughter to 60 days. She started today & her time serve counts, plus she's eligible for good time. She'll probably be out by Yule. Great. I'm sure serving a total of 42-44 days will really make a difference in her life, considering that she served 44 before & immediately started drinking when she got out.

Her PO is trying to get her into a residential rehab program, so hopefully, that will happen & she'll be willing to make the changes she needs to in her life to get better. I don't have much faith in that, not at this point. I don't see her making any changes at all. I see her talking a good line, but not really delivering on anything she promises, because that's been what she has always done. she tried to convince the judge that he should let her out for the holidays, so she could give us the gift of her sobriety, but he refused (I'm thankful for that).

After we got home, my son called to see if we could try to get a loan to supplement his financial aid loans, so that we'd be turned down & he could get an extra $2000 on them. I refused & he went out of his way to make me feel guilty about that, including attacking people on my Facebook status.

I'm so done being hurt by my kids. I'm emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted by all of it. I did my job. I raised them, kept them safe, tried to nurture their spirits, bodies and minds. Why do they think I want to spend the rest of my life supporting them financially? We aren't wealthy, they knew from childhood we wouldn't be able to pay for their college or support them when they were adults. Did they think we were joking?

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