Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

As usual, it's time to check in on the resolutions I made last year (which I make at Yule, not on January 1):

1. Continue to work on accepting myself the way I am, which includes loving my body the way it is. I've done fairly well with this, I'm not happy with my current weight, but only because it slows me down & makes me feel unhealthy.

2. Get & stay active in whatever way I can, depending on the season. Not so much, here. I was pretty much a slug until about September, when we started playing Amtgard again. I've done as much fighting as my body will allow.

3. Work on being a stronger, better parent to my adult offspring. I'm determined to prove to my daughter that the only way I can help her now is to not be so quick to help her. This one is a done deal. I actually managed to stick with this one pretty well, when things were left up to me. I actually have no contact with our daughter at all, by her request. Our son moved home in January of 2012 & we have built a wonderful, supportive, adult relationship together.

4. Get the house organized the way we want it done, with the new office & expanded storage areas for kitchen & bathroom. This didn't happen due to our son moving back home & taking the room we were going to use for the office.

5. Dress myself in beautiful things that I love. About 50/50 I'd say.

6. Grow my hair out & have it styled in a way that I love. Still working on this one.

7. Be more creative. Yes, very much!

I won't be recycling any of these, as I know what I need to work on & will continue with that. I'm making only one resolution this year:

1. To be a better, stronger and happier person, by whatever means necessary.

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