Sunday, August 28, 2011

At My Wit's End

I had to have Rhi arrested last Sunday night. She came home drunk again and when confronted with it, started yelling and screaming at us. In the course of the argument with Troy, he discovered a huge bottle of mouthwash, and since it contained alcohol, we knew she'd been drinking it. I finally had had enough & called the police, knowing that she'd just keep doing it if I didn't. The police never seem to understand why I'm calling them, but she's on probation, with a no-alcohol clause & I'm not going to allow her to violate that in my home. They let her out 2 days later, and now the county attorney wants to revoke her previous probation & send her to jail on her misdemeanor charges from last year.

Right now, she's not living in our home, I made that decision after I had her arrested. We can't put up with that behavior anymore, we're constantly having to worry about her sobriety & it's not our job. She's at her friend's house until we can be sure that she's been staying sober & can finish decide which boundaries we have to set in our home to let her back. I feel like, at this point, we should have shirts made, that say, "We survived Rhi!" or something. It's a constant roller-coaster & we can't take very much more. We went & talked to a counselor, just to make sure that what we plan to do is the right thing. She agreed that we should allow her to come back, but definitely on our terms & only when we're ready. Right now, I'm kind of on hold, waiting for her hearing on Tuesday, because if she's going to jail, there's no point in deciding on those rules yet.

I'm really ready for all of this to be over.

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