Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of Summer Blues

I know that technically, Summer isn't over for more than a month, but school started here today, so the "vacation" part of it is certainly done. I'm starting to dread the coming months, already. I can handle being cold, it isn't that. It's more feeling like I'm trapped in the house, with nothing to do & nowhere to go. If  I were on an anxiety medication, I honestly believe that by the end of Winter, I'd have abused it so much that I'd need to try to find a rehab center just to get off of it. That's how much Winter stresses me out. I really think this year, I'm going to focus on getting a lot of reading, crafting & such done. I will have to keep myself very busy & we plan to get out of town & go south, at least once a month, to help ease the depression & stress.

Anyway. We went camping last week & took the trailer. It was a good trip, in all honesty. I think most of us were too stressed out to really relax a lot & little things seemed to really set people off. I'm pretty sure I was coming down with the bug that I'm pretty much down-for-the-count with right now, plus, people seemed to really use a lot of our water in the trailer, because we ran out after the second day & really shouldn't have. We'll get things down to a science eventually, but it's hard running out of water when you're in an unimproved campsite, you know? I'd love to pack up Rhi & Tiny & head out on our own this weekend, but I don't think we have the gas to be able to, sadly.

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