Saturday, July 7, 2012


Stupid people aggravate me - well ignorant people I guess, since you can fix ignorant. The rules for Freecycle are pretty clear, the most basic one is in the name, which means things must be offered as free. I was reading through the ads a few minutes ago & someone said they had amplifiers for sale, right there, in the subject line. I clicked on it, to see if maybe they had just mistyped or something, but, no, they were definitely selling them. I'm shocked that the email made it through the moderators, and honestly wonder if it was intentional. I'm not fond of anyone playing favorites, but I especially hate it when it violates the rules everyone else has to follow. There are places to sell your things, and they don't cost to post them, so why not use one of those?

I'm pretty sure that most of the people on Freecycle, at least here, in my small town, have no idea what those amplifiers are even for in the first place, I don't picture the majority of them as being musicians, you know? The seller would stand a better chance of selling them to someone who's actually looking for something like that on another site, and they wouldn't be breaking the rules, either.

Yeah, I know. I'm nitpicking. I'm tired and in pain, what can I say?

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