Thursday, September 1, 2011


I get it. Moving sucks & no one likes to do it. But seriously? Don't start packing 2 days before you know you're going to start moving. That just makes everything harder for you & everyone who is supposed to be helping you. No, we're not moving, as a matter of fact, we'll be signing a 2 year lease on the place we're in. Hopefully today.

I say hopefully, because we've been sitting around all day so far (well, since 10:45am) waiting on people who are moving to get a hold of us so Troy can help them move some things. I swear, we could have run our errands, gone & done photo holiday cards, had them printed & sent out, and taken a nap in that time. It feels that way, at any rate. This whole week has been a series of hurry up & wait regarding this move.

Very little was packed when we started, everything is going to several different places, since the people in the house are all going to different places and also putting things in storage, so it's totally disorganized & none of them are on the same page as each other, so nothing is really getting done. It's totally not anyone's fault, it's just not a move anyone really wanted to make, and I imagine that's making it harder.

Anyway, what we were waiting on has been put off for now, so I guess we'll go do what we need to, so we're free to help later.

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