Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Nice Weekend

Troy & I have had a pretty nice weekend together so far. Friday, we pretty much just relaxed. Later in the day, we went to the store & bought some yard decorations for Halloween & put them up along with what we already had in storage, then we had dinner & watched "Merlin" on Netflix streaming for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, we slept in and then got up, and headed for New Harmony for their annual Apple Harvest Festival. Our friends live across the street, so we pretty much always have good parking & a place to sit & people watch. We wandered over to the festival with Jason to buy our cider, then we all walked around looking at the booths. I bought a jar of pomegranate jalapeno jelly, which was just spicy enough without hurting. We later tried some habanero pineapple that was way, way too hot.

After that we just sat around visiting. Troy kind of directed traffic, so people weren't blocking the driveway & then he & our friend's sister went & picked apples. We brought a nice box of Jonagold home & put them in the bedroom. It smells like we sprayed a really expensive air freshener in there, now.

I looked up the directions for making hard cider & we went & bought the extra sugar I needed, came home & I got that started & jugged. It's sitting under the sink with the latest mead, bubbling away. It'll be a nice treat this winter & should hopefully be ready by my birthday.

Today, we're just relaxing at the moment, but in awhile, we'll go to the store & buy the papers so I can clip the coupons & start to get ready for grocery shopping on Friday. I need to find a source for cheap ink cartridges, because I have a bunch that need printing & I'm out of ink. Tonight, Dawn & Justin are coming over for dinner & TV, and that'll be it for the weekend, but at least it was a bit longer than last week!

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