Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Samhain Crunch

It seriously feels like I'm just as busy in the week prior to Samhain as I am right before Yule. It makes sense, with this being my favorite Sabbat, but I don't remember being this busy before we started our own Circle. Yes, we always have had parties for Halloween, or at least for the past 11 years we have, but when you add that to ritual preparation and all of that? Crazy.

Troy & I have our costumes all figured out, and neither of them required any special purchases, like  boots or prosthetic teeth or anything. I'm actually using mostly things I already own & we bought Troy a costume. I figured out something for Dawn to wear to the party & am making her a super-cute Halloween apron to wear with her witchy stuff (like a black skirt & hat) on Halloween, when we're together handing out treats. My friend from Michigan, Mary, made me one & sent it to me. I'm almost down to just decorative stuff on Dawn's, but I can already see how cute it's going to be, I really hope she's loves it.

Anyway, I still have candy corn fudge, chocolate lollipops & monster cookies to make & a haunted gingerbread house to decorate. Before that, I think I'll finish the apron & the top for my own costume.

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