Sunday, October 2, 2011

People are Amazing

One of my friends is one of the toughest, most amazing women I know. She overcame decades of addiction, a score of arrests & convictions and has a bunch of amazing kids. She rediscovered & married her junior high sweetheart & has been through a lot with him, as he has poor health & keeps getting hurt on top of that. She stands up for her rights & the rights of the people she loves, no matter what. I found out something the other day that just astounded me. She can't handle bodily fluids. At all. Not even farts. She gets physically ill when faced with most of them. She has 5 kids & a husband, I'm not sure how she gets through every day without spending it throwing up. She had planned to become a nurse or a CNA, until the other day, when she found out exactly what those careers entail. I think she plans to study for an office job, now. I'm still just amazed that something so little, that most of us, as moms, just accept & deal with has completely changed the career path of such an amazingly strong woman.

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