Friday, February 3, 2012

Imbolc & Winter's Return

We had a nice, if very small, Imbolc celebration last night. There were only 4 of us, which was fine, I know people get busy during the week and that it's not even a hugely important Sabbat to a lot of people. It matters to me, as a Sabbat, because it shows me that we're already halfway through Winter & Spring will be here as quickly as Imbolc came. We didn't have our traditional potluck, because I was out of it when I bought groceries last week & forgot about it, then no one else ended up having the money to do it, either, so we just cancelled that part.

Anyway, it was quick & easy, I tried out a few new things with the altar & quarters, they seemed to work out fine! I do need to get a lot of things to fill out the quarters, but South is looking pretty nice so far.

Winter made a reappearance yesterday morning, dumping several inches of snow on us. It was very cold all day, snowed a little throughout the night last night & still feels like it's going to be cold today. That's okay, I don't think I have to go anywhere today, except maybe to take Erin to a meeting or two and paying the rent, but that'll be pretty quick. I kind of plan to just take it easy today & relax, I've been quite sick for the past few days & really just want to get through it so I can feel well again. I may do a little sewing, but that is far from strenuous, and if it gets to be too much, none of it is 100% necessary & I'll quit for the day.

I spent the front half of the week on the couch, watching TV & napping, if need be, I'll do some more of that today, while Troy plays Skyrim. Gods, I hate being sick.

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