Thursday, January 26, 2012


I remember when our son was finally old enough to have a job. He worked every shift he could & saved almost every dollar he made. He had a goal in mind and that was all that really mattered; some of his friends wanted to start a band & wanted him to play electric guitar, so he did some comparison shopping & found an guitar that he really liked and started saving up for it.

He bought it & used it often, he even had his Senior portraits taken with it. Eventually, he decided he wanted a white guitar, and bought one (which he later loaned to someone who stole it from him) and used it even more. I'm not sure how many different bands he was in here, before things got bad with him & he left, but it was more than a couple. He uses a different guitar these days, but he still owns that first Epiphone, and I'm sure it still holds a place in his heart.

These types of memories would have made me sad while ago, but now that we're getting back to a place where he's more like his old self, it's a lot easier for me to remember them. I'm really hopeful that the memories of our daughter will someday be safe for me, too, but right now, it still hurts too much to remember when she was happy & carefree.

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