Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini Vacation

The ceiling still isn't repaired in our bedroom, but the insulation has been removed, along with some of the dry wall. Everything is finally dried out, so it can be done at any time, we're just waiting for the handyman to have time to get to it.

In the meantime, we had an amazing little vacation over the past weekend with some friends. We went down to Las Vegas & stayed on Fremont Street, and a nice, historic casino hotel. The strip sometimes feels too much like it's full of  people who think they're at a huge amusement park, especially as we get older. We loved staying down there when the kids were younger, because they enjoyed the chaotic atmosphere and all of the things to see and do down there. So our weekend was a break from the ruined ceiling & full of good friends, good drinks, good music & a great atmosphere, what more could we have wanted?

We enjoyed the more laid back feeling on Fremont and had a very fun stay. Our hotel was right by the main stage, so we could open our windows & watch the people & listen to the music while we stayed in our rooms. It was like being a part of a very large party that all of your favorite people were invited to. There were families, couples, groups of friends and everything else you could imagine, there was even a very good 80s tribute band playing every night.

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