Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sweet, Sweet Summertime

I truly do love Summer. It never used to be a favorite season, it just got far too hot for me. Of course, as a child, I loved it, but only because there were three whole months that I wasn't on someone else's schedule, but it was still, far too hot for me. As I get older & the cold gets harder for me to take, I grow to love Summer more and more. I would love nothing more than a screened in porch for the hot months & a couple of sunrooms for the winter, so I could soak up as much heat as possible, year-round.

I'm really looking forward to Summer this year, not only for the camping, but because it's the first Summer in many years that our son has been here to enjoy it with us & on top off all of that, he's sober. Him getting his life together & starting over has sweetened everything else just a little.

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