Monday, May 7, 2012


Our son has his planning meeting at vocational rehab last week and they will be paying for him to get his BA. He really wants to be a veterinary technician, and this will be the road that gets him there. He was very emotional when I picked him, having never had a positive experience with any government agency before, he had been really dreading the whole thing. So, he'll be starting at the local university in August!

He has a job interview tomorrow afternoon, and feels very positive about this one, as he knows everyone who works there & in management & gets a long well with them. Many of them have police records & are recovering addicts, so that shouldn't be a problem.

It's a very exciting time around here for him, and we wish him all of the luck & best wishes he deserves. He's worked so hard at his recovery and getting his life back, it's his turn to have good things happen for him.

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