Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Times, They are A'Changin'

Our son, after about 6 years, will be entering the work force again this coming week and starting college in the fall. He's so excited & happy to be changing his life & following his dreams. This was a young man that a year ago, was shooting heroin, smoking crack & meth & drinking himself to a blackout on a daily basis, while he traveled the country with his thumb & on trains he hopped with his dog & traveling companions. When anyone tells me that 12-step programs don't work, I tell them my son's story and show them the difference less than a year can & does make when someone is living that program, everyday.

He deserves the best in his life & is finally willing to work at achieving all of those things. I'm excited that he has a job and love seeing the look on his face when I remind him of it. I just hope his company carries employers liability insurance, just in case something happens, since I know he'll be working the night shift. 

He's been busily getting his room together & to his liking,now that we got his sister's stuff all moved out, and he's really enjoying having his own space again, after so long with nowhere to even call home. The changes are amazing & dramatic to behold, things that most parents take for granted. I used to, now I never will again.

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