Monday, May 7, 2012

What a Day!

Today pretty much started out with us finding out our daughter was making suicide threats again. I'm sure her sponsor thinks we're cold-hearted asses, but.. seriously? She does this every time she doesn't get her way, and since I haven't responded to anything she's said to me since early Saturday morning, I knew this was coming. Her (ex)roommate texted me awhile late to tell me the police had been there & had taken her to the hospital, and that he had told her she had to move out because of her drinking. We had to go to the airport to see our daughter-from-another-mother off on her flight to Job Corps with our youngest granddaughter, then we went to have lunch with my best friend (the "other mother") and our oldest granddaughter before coming home. We got back, Troy & our son took the last of our daughter's stuff to storage, then Troy dropped him off so he could help his friend move into her new apartment & we had dinner. I'm ending my crazy day with this:

 Another freaking mugshot, about 14 months after the very first one (there have been at least 2 more in between.

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