Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Manic Monday

I've never been one to really mind Mondays, or look forward to them, for that matter (I know a lot of parents look forward to getting the kids back to school after the weekend). These days, I don't really want them to come, at least every other week. My husband works a rotating shift, where he works Monday-Wednesday one week & then Sunday-Wednesday the next & we have extremely active & busy weekends around here, with those Sundays he's off being a day to kind of catch our breath & have some time together, ideally, anyway. They haven't been that way the past couple of weeks. So, I hold onto my weekends like a hoarder does cereal boxes most of the time.

 So, it's Monday, our weekend actually ended last night when my husband went back to work & I have a bunch of stuff to get done with our son so we can start to build loaner weapons for our Amtgard park.

With that said... The Question of the Day is: Do you roast pumpkin seeds? Most years we do, when I feel like I have time between the carving & the Halloween party to get it done. I don't always have that time, some years, I'm carving pumpkins that day.

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