Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Sad State of Affairs

What's wrong with people in this country? We have millions who have no healthcare, no insurance and no way to provide for themselves. My best friend is diabetic, with dangerously high sugar levels and can't even go to a doctor. What will eventually happen is that she'll end up having to be admitted to the hospital, go further in debt & never be able to pay the bill.

So instead of trying to solve the real problems in our country, people are bashing on Paula Deen for admitting she has diabetes & taking an endorsement deal from a pharmaceutical company? She didn't have to tell anyone about her diabetes, it's her personal business & her's alone. It isn't the way she cooks that caused her diabetes, there is no proof that high fat diets cause diabetes, or that obesity itself does. Do fat people get diabetes? Yes. Do skinny people get diabetes? Yes. Does eating fat & sugar give you diabetes? No. Should any of this matter to us? No. It's her life, her business & her career, we don't get to choose or judge.

Let's fix the real issues in our country & help the people who are dying because they can't go to a doctor & stop playing food Nazi with everyone out that who doesn't eat like you think they ought to.

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