Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy Weather

The wind is blowing like crazy here today. Part of the time it blows & rains, then the sun comes out, the wind calms & the sky is blue. Then it starts all over again. It's definitely cold, I can feel it in the house, and really ought to get out of my pajamas & into something I'm not freezing in.

I have a bit to do today, I'd like to cut out the homemade swiffer pads I have the leftover polar fleece for & maybe make a couple of mop pads for the O'Cedar mop thingy I own out of a couple of old kitchen towels I'm not using. I ought to wash the bath & hand towels today, too, while no one else is using the washer & dryer. I'm obviously putting off a very simple sewing task by filling my day with chores that I hadn't really even planned on doing today, even though one of those chores also involves sewing.

I guess the weather isn't the only crazy thing around today!

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