Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 2

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Yes, I know I'm doing this later than everyone else, but I just found it yesterday & wanted to play along.

Today's topic is: Favorite Holiday Tradition New or Old

New: The Waiting for Yule calendar that Troy & I made this year & are using every day. It has really helped us feel closer, more loving and eager for the holiday. We knew we were going to have a tough time this year, with it being our first one alone, this was my solution & it seems to be working admirably.

Oldish: I love the dessert potluck we have with our friends on Yule. We get together for ritual and then share desserts and most years, exchange gifts. It gives us all a chance to touch base during a very busy time of year.

Old: I enjoy getting together with my family. We used to do it every year on Christmas Eve, but lately my mom has decided she likes it better on Christmas night. Anyway, we get together and have party-type foods, exchange gifts and play games.

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