Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Past Year

I plan to be working on a post this week, talking about the things I've accomplished in the past year, and probably another one, on New Year's Eve, recapping the year, but I imagine both posts will take a bit to write, and I'm going to devote some time & thought to each. I think it's important to remember the years as they pass, to celebrate our accomplishments & grieve our defeats. We can do little else about our lives but those things, there are no guarantees that everything will turn out for us.

We take each day as it comes, because it will do whatever it pleases, no matter how well we may have planned for it. At the end of it, we celebrate it as a success or mourn it as a failure & move on to the next one. When a year is gone, we hope we have more celebrations than sadness, but it isn't always the case. Either way, we tally it up, and move on.

As for me, for today, this morning is turning to suck, hopefully by this afternoon it'll be okay again.

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