Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 7

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

The topic is: How do YOU celebrate the Holidays?

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I'm Pagan. I personally, don't celebrate Christmas anymore, although I do observe it, in my own way. I'm married to a Catholic & respect his beliefs as much as he respects my own. My family (parents & siblings) are Christian, and if I want family holidays, I have to at least pretend to be celebrating Christmas.

I celebrate Yule in my home, although I do give my husband the option of us celebrating on Christmas instead. He chooses Yule because it's easier for him to get the time off of work that day, than it is on Christmas. Anyway, if we've decided to have stocking that year, we empty those first thing on Yule morning and then we have coffee, maybe something to eat & then open gifts. We hang out & relax awhile, enjoying each other & our new goodies, then it's time to start getting the house ready for company later on. That involves removing all of the Fall decor & replacing it with Winter & cleaning up.

I'll get the food together that I'm making for the dessert potluck that night & any gifts that I need to finish or wrap for our friends will get taken care of then, too. I'll set up the ritual space & get the altar & Yule log ready to go.

After our friends get here, we'll have our Yule/Winter Solstice ritual, then we'll eat, exchange gifts if we're doing that & enjoy each other's company for the rest of the evening.

On Christmas Eve or Christmas, depending on my mom has decided, we go over to my parents' house, eat green chili & other goodies and spend time with each other. Some years we exchange gifts, other years we don't. I have no idea what we're doing this time around, since I haven't spoken to anyone about it.

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