Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 3

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
Today's Topic: Holiday Decor

We do decorate, but this year, I've gone kind of minimalist, considering we don't have the granddaughters over here once a week and the kids aren't here, either. We have the Yule tree up, decorated in nature themed ornaments. It's a prelit tree, with multi-colored lights. I still have the Autumn garland up at the windows, because it is, after all, still Autumn. We have another smaller, predecorated & lit tree in the foyer, also nature themed and that's honestly, about it, other than a strand of lights around the door outside & the skull wreath, in his winter finest.

We don't even have the gifts under the tree, because our daughter's cat, Diode, pees on anything new you put on the floor. They're very pretty, though, in blue, winter & silver metallic paper & bows.

Oh, we have the Waiting-for-Yule calendar on the fridge,too. It's a bunch of seasonally decorated matchboxes placed in the shape of a tree.

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